How To Survive This Summer’s Heat With Your Family For Just $49

Hey Mammas!

Hope you have been spending an awesome Christmas holiday so far! Not long to go before 2016 ends and a fresh new start to 2017 begins! How exciting!

So the other day Sydney reached the top of 40 degrees!!! For those who live in Sydney you probably know how deadly that day was. Well, our family planned to spend our day over at “Sydney Aquatic Centre”. But little did we know about what we were going to face. I had this weird feeling from when we were looking for car park space. It was already full by 11am.

Then i knew when heading over to the main entry our plan failed. I was in shock with the hoard of people lined up for entry, nearly as long as 30meters. No joke, only if i had taken a picture to prove my exaggeration. But we weren’t convinced at that moment to waste our time lining up in the heat to enter the pool that was already way too full with people.

So we thought why not just invest in some money for an inflatable baby pool? It would be clean, and we would have our own personal space, right? [By the way we live in a house so have both front yard space and back yard space to work with]


We ended up finding $49 poolscape canopy pool from Bunnings. The quality is ok for the price so i have nothing bad to say about it. But if you mammas are going to get this product make sure you also get a air pump to save yourself some breath when inflating the rim of pool.

The canopy doesn’t really cover up the full area of the pool, but i think that really depends on where the sun is. But other than that… our family enjoyed the 40 degrees heat with the cool water. It was the best balance!

Our baby soon enough got used to the water and was dancing and enjoying every moment. The best part was, she was so tired that night she dozed off immediately at 7pm. We don’t know what it is about water, but my husband and i were also very tired so we all ended up sleeping that night at 7pm. We all got good 12 hours sleep!!!

It’s really worth investing in these inflatable pools. Its fun, its easy, and it keeps you cool! So for that sake go ahead and get yourself a pool!

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My next post will be on “How to set up your baby’s first birthday Party!”. So please stay tuned!

Speak to you soon!



Love Esther






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